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Hawaiian Airlines expands B717-fleet by two additional aircraft

Hawaiian Airlines stated on July 21st 2016, that an agreement was reached for two additional Boeing 717-aircraft. Both aircraft will be delivered in early 2017 and the aircraft will allow Hawaiian Airlines „to add capacity during peak travel periods“.

Both aircraft will be leased for six years and both frames are currently in service with Volotea Airlines.


Cobham flies B717s for QantasLink for another ten years

Under a new contract, Cobham Aviation Services will fly Boeing 717 aircraft on behalf of QantasLink for a further 10 years.

Meanwhile, Qantas is looking to purchase (currently leased) Boeing 717s and the airline is looking for second-hand examples.

I will update my website as soon as possible with all relevant information, regarding the decision to extend the agreement for Boeing 717s for another ten years.


#Blue1 retires #B717 from revenue service – ends an era

It appears that Scandinavian Airlines currently operates  the last Boeing 717 revenue flight operated by Blue1 this evening.  Flight SK1768 departed Prague for Stockholm and the arrival could mean the official end of Boeing 717 revenue-services at SAS/Blue1.

Glaubt man mehrheitlichen Informationen, findet aktuell der letzte kommerzielle Einsatz einer Blue1 Boeing 717 im Dienste der SAS statt. Flug SK1768 ist von Prag nach Stockholm gestartet und die Ankunft wird sehr wahrscheinlich das Ende von kommerziellen Boeing 717-Flügen bei SAS/Blue1 bedeuten.


#Blue1 aims to replace #B717-fleet with #B737-600s

ATW (Air Transport World) reports that Blue1 will most likely replace their Boeing 717-fleet with Boeing 737-600s. The remaining Boeing 717s will be retired at the end of 2015. The CEO of Blue1 claims that the Boeing 717 has „high unit costs“. The 737-600 will probably wet-leased to operated on behalf of SAS.


Hawaiian Airlines checks ten #B717s after reports of corrosion

Inspectors of the FAA discovered corrosion on two Boeing 717-aircraft of Hawaiian Air. As a precautionary measure, Hawaiian Air decided to check eight additional 717 for potential corrosion on panels under the wings.  It´s important to know that the FAA asked Hawaiian Air to take a closer look at the problems of two aircraft and the voluntary measure by Hawaiian Airlines to check eight other aircraft.

Approx. 40 flights were delayed or cancelled as a result of the inspections. Some B717-flights were substituted with far bigger Boeing 767s to cope with a higher demand of passengers due to the inspection showed that the other aircraft were not affected by corrosion-problems.

Hawaiian Airlines´s inter-island services are mainly operated by 18 Boeing 717s.


#DC9 continues at #Delta for the time being

There are many tweets with the information that the DC-9 is still in active service with Delta. The tweets state that at least two DC-9-50s will be retained until their very final service on January 22th, 2014. The main reason is believed to be the need to cover for the delay of additional Boeing 717s. The remaining active DC-9s are mostly doing legs from and to Atlanta as far as I am concerned.

Es existieren viele Tweets mit der Information, dass die DC-9 weiterhin im aktiven Einsatz bei Delta steht. Diese Tweets geben an, dass mindestens zwei DC-9-50 bis zur entgültigen Ausmusterung am 22.01.2014 im Einsatz stehen sollen. Der Hauptgrund ist wahrscheinlich die verzögerte Lieferung weiterer Boeing 717. Die letzten verbliebenen DC-9 werden meiner ersten Einschätzung nach primär von und nach Atlanta eingesetzt.


#Southwest accelerates #B717-retirement

„Flightglobal“ reports that Southwest Airlines plans to remove their last Boeing 717 from active service in the first quarter of 2015. This important step enables Southwest Airlines to optimize the combined flight ops of the acquired AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines. Earlier reports claimed that Southwest planned to retire their last 717 at the end of 2015.  The accelerated retirement won´t affect the rate of introduction of the 717 at Delta Air Lines. The company plans to introduce 36 aircraft each in 2014 and 2015. The affected 717s will “remain inactive” after the retirement by Southwest until Delta introduces them into service. Southwest Airlines will replace the Boeing 717 with twelve additional Boeing 737-700s as well as 52 additional Boeing 737-800 with deliveries in 2014/15.

“Flightglobal” berichtet, dass Southwest Airlines planen, ihre letzte Boeing 717 im ersten Quartal 2015 auszumustern. Dieser wichtige Schritt ermöglicht Southwest Airlines, die Flugbetrieb der übernommen AirTran Airways und Southwest zu optimieren. Frühere Informationen gaben an, dass die letzte 717 Ende 2015 ausgemustert werden sollte. Die beschleunigte Ausmusterung wird die Einführung der Boeing 717 bei Delta nicht beeinflussen. Das Unternehmen plant, jeweils 36 Boeing 717 in den Jahren 2014 und 2015 einzuführen. Die (von der vorzeitigen Ausmusterung) betroffenen Boeing 717 werden nach Ausmusterung bei Southwest bis zur Einführung bei Delta „inaktiv“ sein. Southwest Airlines werden die Boeing 717 durch zwölf zusätzliche Boeing 737-700 und 52 weitere Boeing 737-800 ersetzen.


#Delta #B717 introduction moved forward to October 25th, 2013

Delta aims to inaugurate the 717 into commercial service on October 25, 2013 instead of November 01, 2013. The first service will be from Atlanta to Newark with flight number DL2343. The planned Boeing 717-schedule remains subject to change.

Delta planen die Einführung der Boeing 717 in den Liniendienst für den 25. Oktober 2013 und nicht am 01. November 2013. Der erste Dienst soll von Atlanta nach Newark unter Flugnummer DL2343 führen. Der geplante Boeing 717-Einsatz kann weiterhin geändert werden.


#Qantas assesses replacement for #B717s

There are reports (including from that Qantas is assessing the CSeries from Bombardier and the E-Jet family for the replacement of the 18 B717-200s operated on its behalf by Cobham Aviation Services Australia.

Es existieren Meldungen (inclusive bei, dass Qantas erwägt, die von Cobham im Auftrag für QantasLink betriebenen 18 Boeing 717-200 durch Flugzeuge der CSeries oder  E-Jet Familie von Embraer zu ersetzen.


Further delay of #B717-introduction at #Delta

A tweet of „airlineroute“ claims that the introduction of the Boeing 717 at Delta Air Lines will be further delayed to November 1st, 2013.

Here is the quote of the tweet: „DELTA further postpones Boeing 717 operation, inaugural date delayed until 01NOV13“.

Ein Tweet von „airlineroute“ informiert, dass sich die Indienststellung der Boeing 717 bei Delta Air Lines auf den 01.November 2013 verschieben wird (siehe ZItat des Tweets). 

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