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#TSM adds three additional #MD83´s, ex-Iberia MD-88 for „Jet Plus America“

Mexican operator Aeronaves TSM ordered three additional conversions for the MD-83SF. The #MD80SF-fleet will grow to ten aircraft. Here is an article of ch-aviation:

Mexico’s Aeronaves TSM orders three more MD-83 P2Fs

In other news, one McDonnell Douglas #MD88 (ex-EC-FND) formerly belonging to Iberia, was ferried to Teruel airport prior to her long delivery flight to Venezuela. skyliner-aviation reports that this aircraft will belong to „Jet Plus America“ and the aircraft will be operated by „VOR Airlines“. Other sources say that this MD-88 will become part of Venezolana. The re-activitation of an ex-MD-80 of Iberia is a surprise due to the long storage after Iberia retired their last MD-88 in 2008.

Here is a photo:

Iberia MD-88


Meridiana to retire last MD-80 on October 31, 2017

Since the official beginning of Meridiana in 1991, the company operated the McDonnell Douglas MD-80. On the last day of October 2017, Meridiana plans to operate their last scheduled MD-80-flight with a service from Rome to Olbia. Meridiana operated up to 17 MD-80s over the years.

New MD-80-operator from Ukraine: Anda Air

One new MD-80-operator quietly started services in the Ukraine: Anda Air. The airline started their ops in mid-October 2016 with at least one 167-seat McDonnell Douglas MD-83.


Additional information are available here:

#DAT puts remaining #MD83 up for sale

According to, DAT (Danish Air Transport) plans to cease MD-80-ops and the remaining MD-83 is now offered for sale. The 165-seat aircraft – originally delivered to Airtours International in 1990 – was used alongside an MD-87 as their biggest aircraft prior to the introduction of the 180-seat Airbus A320. DAT also operates ATR42/72s as well as mentioned Airbus A320s.

Hawaiian Airlines expands B717-fleet by two additional aircraft

Hawaiian Airlines stated on July 21st 2016, that an agreement was reached for two additional Boeing 717-aircraft. Both aircraft will be delivered in early 2017 and the aircraft will allow Hawaiian Airlines „to add capacity during peak travel periods“.

Both aircraft will be leased for six years and both frames are currently in service with Volotea Airlines.

Potential new #MD80-operator: ALK Airlines

Bulgarian company „ALK Airlines“ aims to start their services from Varna with at least two Fokker 100s and a single MD-80. I don´t have additional information about the current status nor detailed information regarding this airline.

„Ukraine Air Alliance“ plans to add five MD-80-freighters

According to CH-aviation, “Ukraine Air Alliance” plans to add five MD-80-freighters “at some point in the future”. The airline currently operates eight  An-12s.

Laut CH-aviation plant “Ukraine Air Alliance” fünf MD-80-Frachter “irgendwann einmal” einzusetzen. Das Unternehmen setzt aktuell acht An-12 ein.

#Blue1 retires #B717 from revenue service – ends an era

It appears that Scandinavian Airlines currently operates  the last Boeing 717 revenue flight operated by Blue1 this evening.  Flight SK1768 departed Prague for Stockholm and the arrival could mean the official end of Boeing 717 revenue-services at SAS/Blue1.

Glaubt man mehrheitlichen Informationen, findet aktuell der letzte kommerzielle Einsatz einer Blue1 Boeing 717 im Dienste der SAS statt. Flug SK1768 ist von Prag nach Stockholm gestartet und die Ankunft wird sehr wahrscheinlich das Ende von kommerziellen Boeing 717-Flügen bei SAS/Blue1 bedeuten.

Volotea to introduce Airbus A319s

According to several tweets on Twitter, Spanish company Volotea Airlines plans to introduce four Airbus A319s in October 2015 or February 2016. I don´t have additional information.

Laut diverser Tweets auf Twitter, plant Volotea die Einführung von vier Airbus A319 ab Oktober 2015 oder ab Februar 2016. Weitere Informationen habe ich nicht.

Croatian „#SeaAir“ aims to start #MD80-ops

Croatian company „Sea Air“ aims to start MD-80-ops with a 160-seat MD-82 leased from Ten Airways. Sea Air aims to fly from Osijek to Frankfurt, Munich, and Vienna.

Here is an article with additional information:

Das kroatische Unternehmen Sea Air plant die Aufnahme von Flügen mit einer 160-sitzigen MD-82, die von Ten Airways angemietet werden soll. Sea Air plant, Flüge ab Osijek nach Frankfurt, München sowie Wien anzubieten.